Providing quality custom sawn lumber for the needs of our friends in the Rogue Valley.


Oregon West Lumber Sales

Oregon West Lumber Sales is a small family owned sawmill located in the gorgeous Rogue River Valley. Our core mission is to serve our local neighbors with quality wood products. We process logs harvested in our local woods, 50 miles  +/- of our mill. Thus, we mill a limited number of species which we will discuss in detail throughout this website. You will not find species that are harvested and milled in distant lands across broad oceans.

Many local community organizations come to us for ‘help’ with their projects. We have helped garden clubs, Boy Scouts, FFA, 4-H, and churches. We have a small wood ministry that works in conjunction with a food distribution organization. Finally, when all the scraps have been rescued for varied and sundry projects we use that material as a contribution to the local Biomass Co-generation plant which feeds electricity into our regional grid. We try to introduce good stewardship practices in the daily functioning of our mill. 

 We produce and sell a huge variety of slabs. Our customers turn them into mantles, counter tops, conventional desks, head boards, rustic shelving, table tops, picnic tables, desk tops, wall hangings and decorative pieces where the user would like the bold, husky, natural look and feel. Trees are like humans – no two are alike. They may look very much alike, but each is an individual. In reality each piece is a servant piece brought into your home to add beauty, color, texture, utility and harmony.