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We Slab our wood from whole logs to preserve the live edge of the log. They are cut in 2in., 3in. and 4in. thicknesses and are slowly dried in covered sheds for many months to minimize cupping, warping and checking.

We can custom cut slabs, but these will have extended drying times.

We have a huge inventory of slabs of various species in stock, we specialize in Walnut and Sugar Pine. feel free to stop by and check them out.

For shipping we crate them in our Sugar Pine 1”x12” planking. If uncrated carefully these can be used for various projects.

After crating the crated slab is placed in our kiln to dry, to make it legal to ship across state lines.

The cost of the slab includes the crating. For Purchasing and Shipping Quote please contact us @ 541-826-5540 or

Our shipping Slabs have been rough sanded on one side and sprayed with paint thinner to mimic an oiled finish. This has evaporated and will be a clean dry slab when you receive it. All Slabs shown below are crated and ready for shipping.


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If you have any questions, please call or email us.

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Don’t need ‘em shipped? We also have a huge selection of uncrated slabs in stock.

Stop by and check them out.