DF Timbers and Beams

At OWLS we specialize in custom full sawn timbers and beams out of Douglas Fir (DF). There is often a two to three-week production time needed to custom cut an order, large orders may take longer. We can cut up to 24’ 6” long, with special orders up to 40’. Our logs selected for beams are tight grain first and second growth timber that come from the local area around the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. Southern Oregon is known for its production of Douglas Fir.  

In 2004, over 417 million board feet of DF was harvested in western Oregon, providing jobs and every-day products we all use, including the highest quality lumber – which Oregon leads the country in producing.


This dense wood is stiff and durable, rumored to be stronger than cement. It grows straight and tall – taller than 250 feet and larger than 10 feet in diameter. The state champion grows in southern Oregon – 329 feet tall and 36 feet in circumference.

Our state was built with this tree –families were nurtured by it for generations. Many still are. It is crucial to our sustainable economy.

There are three beam Grades that we commonly cut below:

#1 Free of Heart Center (FOHC)

#2 Appearance Grade

#2 Heart Center

Price is charged on board footage on even length increments. We allow for trim.

Price per board foot increases for beams 20’ and longer by .40 cents.

Prices are subject to change on current DF log prices.

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Air dried beams cut from age cured logs will have less shrinkage and checking compared to Kiln dried.